The immense pressures of the administrative aspects of pastoral care, coupled with a severe drought and absence of spiritual sustenance threatens the spiritual health of those who’s primary task it is to feed Christ’s sheep. The Avila Institute is committed to minimizing the financial and logistical burdens that often preclude the faithful from slaking their thirst for the Water of Life.

Through the full multi-year Graduate Program, those who feed His sheep will find ways to ensure they find the strength, insight and encouragement they need to do so.

The Avila Institute Spiritual Theology Program is a forty credit Graduate level program. Successful completion of the program prepares graduates to:

1) Deepen their relationship with Christ through mystagogical engagement with the ascetical and mystical riches of the Church, and

2) To engage in parish ministry, catechesis, and other apostolates or professions that require the animating life of Christ to achieve their mission. A graduate should be well prepared to enter training programs for spiritual direction and counseling with advanced standing.