T he faithful around the world often lack the monetary means to deepen their faith and to aid in the formation of others. The faithful poor are made up of priests, deacons, and religious who have taken a vow of poverty as well as those in third world countries who do not have the monetary means to invest in the resources offered by the Avila Institute to deepen their relationship with our Lord. The Avila Institute also recognizes that there are many faithful that, though they are not considered poor in a technical sense, do not have the discretionary income to make such an investment to access the level of education and formation we provide without assistance.

For many students, access to higher education is only made possible through full or partial scholarship. Your support of these students is critical to ensure that Avila Institute students are defined by their love of their faith as well as their academic abilities and not financial resources.

All donations, whether general donations or sponsorships, are allocated towards scholarships. That means 100% of your donation is helping someone deepen their understanding and appropriation of the magisterium faithful mystical and ascetical patrimony of the Catholic Church.