Whom Do We Serve?

Faithful Poor: The faithful poor around the world often lack the means to deepen their own faith and to aid in the formation of others. The faithful poor are made up of priests, deacons, and religious who have taken a vow of poverty, or laypeople who simply do not have the means, without assistance, to access the level of education and formation we provide.

The Avila Institute was formed to ensure that all who seek to deepen their faith can do so despite their financial status.

Application for Financial Aid

The Application for Admission includes the question “Are you in need of financial aid?” Whether you are in need of help paying the full tuition or just a portion, check “Yes” and fill out the additional requirements to be considered for a full or partial scholarship.

If you are ordained or a religious, please let us know if there is someone you know who will sponsor your coursework. We will be happy to work with them to ensure your coursework is sponsored. If you do not have a sponsor, we will do our best to find a sponsor for you. Just submit your picture and a biography of 50 words or less in your application.

If you are a lay person, please submit your picture and we will work to find you a sponsor using your personal statement on why you want to attend the Avila Institute.

Upon submission of your financial aid application, it will take 6-8 weeks to receive a response.


All Graduate courses are $450.

All School of Spiritual Formation courses are $150.

The Avila Institute wants to ensure that all who seek to embark on a journey to learn more about the Catholic faith have a chance to do so. The Avila Institute offers payment plans based on each individual’s needs. Full and partial scholarships are also available on an as needed basis. If a partial scholarship is given, the remaining portion of the tuition may be paid in full or in monthly installments.

Still have questions about financial aid?

Contact an Admissions Counselor at