The Avila Institute Online Programs

The Avila Institute incorporates the dynamics of modern accessible technology to convey the rich teachings of the Catholic Church. Our online program is unique in the world of Catholic Theological studies in its state-of-the-art approach and delivery enabling people from around the world to embark on their journey into Catholic Spiritual Theology. Our faculty and program of studies are devoted to ensuring the program is taught with Catholic ideals, principals, and attitudes.

A Personal Touch to Online Education

Online Education at the Avila Institute is live and fully interactive. It enables and encourages interaction between faculty and fellow students using technology that allows real-time communication both inside and outside the virtual classroom. As an Avila Institute student, you become a member of a fervent faith community whose blessings will likely extend far beyond your studies.

Live Streaming or On Demand

Classes are streamed live allowing students the opportunity to attend and participate in real time. Students can participate as if they were in the room and can ask questions using collaborative software that allows for both voice and text based interaction. To overcome scheduling conflicts, the classes are also recorded so students can review the class instruction at their own convenience so as not to fall behind. Courses become available for on-demand review once they are recorded.

Interaction with Professors

Our professors are available to all students during class time as well as out of class. They encourage questions and are available to answer those questions. This is particularly critical with the type of subject matter explored in spiritual theology. Interaction is the lynchpin to authentic learning and absorbing of the Truth.

Learning Tools

The interactive software utilized by the Avila Institute provides students with online tools for course interaction and resources. The course management system allows students to…

  • View the course syllabus
  • Interact with fellow students individually or in groups
  • Interact with faculty
  • Participate in live audio classrooms
  • Send homework using a variety of media including Word docs, pdf’s, audio and video
  • Take quizzes and tests in the online environment
  • View progress at any time

Graduate, Personal Enrichment & Continuing Education Courses

The Graduate Program is a 40 credit hour program designed to be taken over two to four years. The program involves twelve courses, an apostolic experience and a retreat experience. Successful completion of the program prepares graduates to 1) deepen their relationship with Christ through mystagogical engagement with the ascetical and mystical riches of the Church and 2) engage in parish ministry, catechesis, and other apostolates or professions that require the animating life of Christ to achieve their mission. A graduate should be well prepared to enter training programs for spiritual direction and counseling with advanced standing.

The Avila Institute recognizes that Catholics interested in learning more about their faith do not always have the luxury of enrolling in a full-time and sequentially based program of studies. For those seeking personal enrichment or continuing education courses, we make the individual courses of our Graduate Program of Spiritual Theology available on a pass/fail basis. The courses available in any quarter are the same as those in the Graduate Program of Spiritual Theology, but with a modified level of rigor that better suits those who are only able to invest a limited amount of time in each course. In the future we will offer on-demand recordings of these courses to increase flexibility of access. For more information, please click here for Personal Enrichment and here for Continuing Education.

Important Note: While a student starting in the Graduate Program can apply those credits to Personal Enrichment or Continuing Education Courses, a student can only apply Personal Enrichment and Continuing Education Course credits towards the Graduate Program if they complete all the assignments required for the Graduate Program and maintain a minimum average.

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School of Spiritual Formation

The School of Spiritual Formation is designed to offer students an engaging study in the foundations and principles necessary to grow and flourish in their relationship with Christ. These principles are based on the areas of personal prayer, understanding of divinely revealed Truth, and growth in holiness.  The Program offers a sound spiritual theological approach where students study the writings of Sacred Scripture, various saints and doctors of mystical theology, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, as well as recent Church documents. The Program focuses on personal prayer, foundational Catholic truths, and the call to holiness resulting in a life-giving transformation in Christ through the grace of the Holy Spirit. Upon successful completion of twelve courses, students receive a Certificate of Completion from The Avila Institute’s School of Spiritual Formation.

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