Some professional organizations require their members to participate in professional development activities to increase their expertise in their practice or field and to keep their licenses current. Also, some professionals and apostolate leaders simply recognize the enormous value of ongoing education in their fields of service. Continuing Education is the term used to recognize the activities approved by certain organizations for professional development.

Those most likely to benefit from the Avila Institute Continuing Education program are those seeking to deepen their roots in spirituality in order to better enable their service to others. Among those who would benefit are:

    • Spiritual Directors: Spiritual Guides and Spiritual Mentors
    • Ordained and Religious: Priests, Deacons, Religious, Consecrated
    • Professionals: Therapists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Chaplains, Social Workers, Counselors
    • Apostolate Leaders: Catechists, Directors of Religious Education, Teachers, Administrators, RCIA Instructors

Continuing Education Courses are offered by the Avila Institute to students looking to complete any of the courses offered in the Graduate Program. Courses are just as rigorous as the Graduate Program but may be taken at your own pace and graded on a pass/fail basis. Once twelve courses are complete, a Certificate of Continuing Education will be awarded. Continuing Education students do not take the Apostolate or Long Retreat. The prerequisites to take Continuing Education Courses are a minimum of an Associate’s Degree or equivalent. Personal Enrichment Courses may be applied to a Continuing Education Certificate if all assignments required for Continuing Education are completed.

Important Note: Students seeking continuing education should seek advance approval from their professional organization or employer to ensure that the content of our coursework meets the requirements of their organization or employer. We would be more than willing to help explain our program to your organization or employer as needed.